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Convrg Innovations offers several variations of the EPOD that are tailored for a variety of applications depending on client need. In order to better analyze cost, Convrg looks at a variety of factors including application, quantity and current solution. Connect with us today to get a more precise quote for your business. 

At Convrg Innovations, we continually collaborate with our industry partners to improve the reliability and operability of our units. Through the implementation of advanced technologies, our units have the capability of monitoring up to 150 different operational data points and configurable alarms. This data is collected and monitored by Convrg at no cost to the customer, however customers can access this data through a cloud-based desktop and mobile app for a monthly fee. 

At Convrg Innovations, our commitment to enhancing the reliability and operability of our units is at the forefront of our business. Convrg has engineered our units with the primary goal of extending the maintenance intervals for all its components. To ensure timely maintenance, Convrg has outfitted all EPODs with IoT modems capable of tracking important data within the package, offering real-time and historical data on the units that can be accessed remotely. This invaluable data aids us in diagnosing issues and flagging potential future problems. Convrg also features a dedicated team of field support personnel who specialize in on-site diagnostics and repair services, complemented by our round-the-clock 24/7 technical support hotline reachable at +1-888-609-3763 (EPOD).  


Our team of highly trained technicians is spread across Western Canada, and we’ve established partnerships with local service representatives in regions where we operate. This network ensures access to locally based; factory-trained technicians who can promptly respond to emergency callouts as needed. Additionally, our comprehensive warranty program encompasses service hubs run by Convrg employees in Balzac and Grande Prairie, along with certified technicians available through channel partners across the United States. 

Convrg Innovations has designed its units with a focus on extending the maintenance intervals for all components, promoting long-term reliability. We also employ “off the shelf” parts that are readily available across all our installation areas, ensuring easy access to necessary components. 

In addition to this, Convrg has established partnerships with local service representatives in all the areas where we operate. This collaboration allows us to offer the services of local, factory-trained technicians who can respond within reasonable and affordable timeframes, providing efficient and dependable support when needed. 

In order to better understand the specific operational costs for your EPOD units, connect with our team.  

The EPOD is a comprehensive turnkey solution designed to eliminate methane emissions while providing remote power and/or compressed air to oilfield locations. It stands out as the most efficient and reliable natural gas or propane power solution for remote sites. 

EPOD, short for Engineered Power on Demand, is our patented micro-grid solution designed to advance methane emissions reduction in the industry. It enables companies to effortlessly pressurize on-site pneumatics systems, achieving an impressive over 95% reduction in emissions. In practical terms, typical well operations can experience a significant annual net emissions reduction ranging from 500 to 1,500 tonnes of CO2e. 

With stringent regulations and incentives driving the industry to minimize methane emissions, EPOD emerges as the optimal choice. What sets us apart is our seamless integration with existing infrastructure, eliminating the need for costly replacements or frequent gas deliveries by truck. EPOD ensures operational simplicity and offers cost-effective solutions, ultimately paving the way for sustainable production operations. 

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