EPOD Receives Global Energy Award

We’re excited to share that EPOD was the recipient of the 2020 Global Energy Award for Emerging Clean Technologies!

The Global Energy Awards recognize and honour accomplishments of companies, individuals, initiatives, projects and technologies on an international scale and promote advancement within the energy industry. The Emerging Clean Technology Award is specific to non-renewable resources and recognize companies who focus on innovative technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, including CO2 and methane, in the fossil energy industry.

Our EPOD line of products was selected for its ability to provide power and instrument air to eliminate methane venting from pneumatics at remote sites while reducing both capital and operating costs.

As all the efforts toward reducing emissions should be celebrated, we would like to take a moment to recognize the other nominees in the Emerging Clean Technologies category: Blue Spark Energy, Bridger Photonics and Proton Technologies.

Similarly, we would like to underline the Global Energy Show’s mission to showcase the great work that is being done by all the nominees and award winners. This work is more important now than ever.

The Canadian energy industry is facing headwinds, but with challenge comes opportunity. We believe that the Canadian energy industry is positioned to be a global centre of excellence for solving energy sustainability challenges. This positioning not only creates economic opportunity for our region in terms of exporting solutions to the rest of the world, but if successful, could cement our reputation as sustainable energy leaders to support the future of our resource industry.

Finally, to all the producers leading the way with zero emissions sites, we would like to say: Thank you.


EPOD Receives Global Energy Award

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