Convrg Flex Program

Convrg is committed to supporting the oil and gas industry to reduce emissions from pneumatic devices. With our range of specialized solutions, featuring our EPOD technology and our latest innovation, proAir – an economical instrument air solution, we aim to facilitate the enhancement or modification of your current equipment in the field, ensuring compliance with evolving methane regulations in the US and Canada. This includes leasing units for retrofitting existing sites, enhancing current infrastructure, and designing new facilities, to ensure seamless adherence to regulatory standards.

To facilitate your journey towards compliance, we proudly introduce our Flex Program. This program offers our customers flexible payment options, including lease or purchase, for the upgrade, retrofit or new design of all your sites with our equipment. We understand that flexibility is crucial when it comes to meeting regulatory requirements, and we are here to fully support your company’s efforts in reducing emissions in the industry.

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Discover our range of energy solutions designed to reduce methane emissions on your well site.

Convrg Innovations EPOD

EPOD, our patented hybrid micro-grid technology, empowers companies to pressurize on-site pneumatic systems with ease, achieving emissions reduction. 

With over 500 operational units across North America, EPOD is a trusted choice. EPOD provides instrument air, power, or both.

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proAIR offers an affordable solution to reduce emissions from pneumatic devices on your lower demand sites, utilizing the power you already have in place, delivering clean and dry instrument air. 

Delivers up to 5 scfm from duplex air compressors at 2HP per compressor.