First International EPOD Deployment

Westgen is proud announce the deployment of their first units outside of Canada. Two EPOD Minis are on their way to a major shale gas producer in Appalachia. The first unit will be installed on an existing multi-well site with new infill wells being drilled. By installing this EPOD Mini, the producer will be reducing overall greenhouse gas emissions on the site by greater than 98%, despite adding new wells and associated production. The addition of the EPOD Mini is cost neutral  in relation to the existing design.

With global pressure to reduce emissions, producers now have options to exceed local regulatory requirements in an economic fashion.

EPOD Mini is a remote power generation and air compression unit that utilizes a solar-hybrid system to power site loads and replace fuel gas pneumatics with dry instrument air. To learn more about EPOD Mini, contact us at 1-587-997-4879 or send an email to

EPOD Mini getting ready to ship out.

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