Patent Filed for EPOD

Westgen is excited to announce that a patent has successfully been filed for EPOD’s proprietary system in Canada and the USA.

Westgen Technologies has developed the EPOD as a turn key remote power generation and instrument air system capable of offsetting methane venting from pneumatics on remote sites. The EPOD features several layers of new and novel proprietary technology.

The primary technical breakthrough for Westgen was enabling low cost, reliable power generation on remote sites in the range of 5 kW to 30 kW, solving a problem commonly referred to as the remote power generation gap.

Westgen developed a proprietary system to enable a reciprocating internal combustion engine to provide high quality uninterrupted power using variable quality gas as a fuel source while extending the service interval by a factor of thirty. The EPOD proudly boasts up to one year between servicing.

Also new and novel, is Westgen’s approach to modularization. While mechanical system designs on wellsites have undergone heavy focus on modularization for many years, the electrical systems still tend to be purchased in individual components that are separately shipped to the site and commissioned on site. Westgen has taken a plug and play approach to the site electrical, offering pre-commissioned packages which are shop fabricated with an integrated SCADA system to increase ‘smartness’ of control. With this approach, Westgen is able to reduce capital cost of new wellsites, even compared to old thermoelectric generator and fuel-gas venting pneumatic designs.

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