ERA Commits $1.3 million to Westgen's Retrofit Demonstration

We are pleased to announce that Emissions Reduction Alberta (ERA) has committed $1.3 million to Westgen’s $4 million zero bleed pneumatic instrument air retrofit demonstration. Execution of the project started this month and will run for approximately two years.

With support from Emissions Reduction Alberta and in partnership with ten oil and gas producers, Westgen will deploy EPODs to a variety of retrofit applications. Building on the learnings from these deployments, Westgen aims to demonstrate an economically attractive solution to eliminate methane emissions from pneumatic devices on the thousands of legacy well sites across Alberta and beyond.

Designed and built in Canada, EPOD is a solution to eliminate methane venting at remote sites by replacing the natural gas used to actuate pneumatic devices with clean and dry instrument air. Currently being deployed on new well sites, EPOD reduces capital and operating costs, improves production uptime, and earns carbon credits. The project will focus on demonstrating EPOD as a solution to eliminate gas pneumatics in a retrofit application while generating an economic return on the basis of carbon credits. As the cost of implementation of compressed air pneumatics on remote sites has always been the barrier to adoption, this project is an important step in de-risking the uptake of this environmentally friendly solution to methane venting for both junior and major producers.

Westgen estimates that the EPODs deployed within this project alone will reduce Alberta’s GHG emissions by more than 500,000 tCO2e over the 25-year life of the units, the equivalent of taking more than 3000 cars off the road. A large-scale market rollout would result in over 80,000,000 tCO2e of emissions reduction by 2050. Manufactured in Airdrie, commercial deployment of the EPOD technology will create hundreds of jobs for Albertans and contribute to the Province’s economic recovery.

For more information on the project, click here.

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