Shell Trialing Westgen's EPOD Air and Power

Shell Canada is currently trialling Westgen’s 20 kW EPOD on one of their multi-well gas batteries in Fox Creek, AB.

Speaking at their 2020 Responsible Investor Day event, Ben van Beurden, CEO of Shell, announced that Shell intends to be a net-zero emissions energy business by 2050.

“That is why, today, we are saying, that by 2050 at the latest, we aim to be net zero on all the emissions from the manufacture of all our products, including non-energy products. That includes our operational emissions. And that includes the emissions associated with the energy we consume through those operations.” said van Beurden.

We expect the trial of our EPOD to demonstrate a 99.5% net emissions reduction from the pneumatics system while resulting in both capital and operational cost savings for their unconventional well sites.

In November 2017, Shell was one of eight companies to sign on a set of Guiding Principles on Reducing Methane Emissions across the Natural Gas Value Chain.

The Guiding Principles are: To continually reduce methane emissions; advance strong performance across gas value chains; improve accuracy of methane emissions data; advocate sound policies and regulations on methane emissions; and increase transparency.

Westgen’s EPOD is aligned with those principles and will support Shell in their commitment to reduce methane emissions across the natural gas value chain.

Westgen is excited to be part of Shell’s efforts to be a net-zero emissions energy business by 2050.

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