Westgen Announces EPOD Mini Release

With regulations on methane emissions reductions quickly approaching, Westgen Technologies is proud to announce an addition to their product line – EPOD Mini. Targeted towards smaller pads and retrofit applications, EPOD Mini offers the same great 6 kW solar hybrid system offered in the EPOD at a substantially reduced footprint and price.

Using tried and true technology, the EPOD Mini offers the most cost effective way to eliminate methane venting from pneumatics, and we’d love to prove that to you on a bid! Using a solar hybrid system means that average annual emissions are approximately 75% less than the competition. The EPOD Mini provides unmatched value for remote instrument air applications.




Power Range


5.6 kW

Engine Electrical Efficiency



Solar-Hybrid System

3.1 kW

Instrument Air

19.1 scfm

11.1 scfm

Annual CO2 Emissions

13 tCO2e2

56 tCO2e2

Maintenance Interval

Yearly – Engine and Air Compressor Oil and Filter Change3

Yearly – Scroll Compressor Tip Rebuild

Replace Engine Cost

Approx. $4,000 CAD

Approx. $60,000 CAD

H2S Capability

Up to 10,000 ppm with inline scrubber option

Up to 1,000 ppm

Site UPS

20 kW.hr

8.6 kW.hr

1. Based on manufacturers provided heat input and electrical output.
2. Based on a site load of 5 scfm and 250 w.
3. Based on 2,500 hours annual engine run time.

In a 10’ x 8’ climate controlled enclosure, the EPOD Mini offers minimal maintenance with maximum redundancy through the 6 kW, full duty cycle rated natural gas engine, 3.1 kW solar system and large 23.6 kw.hr UPS.


+ 6 kW Solar-Hybrid Power Generation System
+ 3.1 kW Solar Array
+ 19.1 scfm of air @ 125 psig
+ 20 kW.hr Uninterruptible Power System (UPS)
+ H2S capable up to 10,000 ppm with inline scrubber option
+ Remote Monitoring
+ 9’ x 7.5’ Climate Controlled Enclosure
+ 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

You can download the full brochure by clicking here.

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