Westgen Technologies Launches

March 1, 2019 was the official incorporation of Westgen Technologies Inc. Founded by two Calgary based engineers, Westgen is a remote power generation company aiming to reduce development costs while improving environmental sustainability in the Canadian Upstream Oil and Gas industry.

The Founders, Ben Klepacki and Connor O’Shea, each with over a decade of experience in the Oil and Gas industry in Western Canada, conceived Westgen to address a limitation that Ben had consistently run into in his day job of overseeing the engineering and construction of facilities for many large Producers in Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan: There were no reliable and cost effective ways to generate enough power to run wellsite control systems.

Oil and Gas Producers in remote regions with no access to power grids have historically overcome this limitation by using gas driven pneumatic control systems. These systems rely on pressurized gas from the well to provide the mechanical energy required to shift control valves open and closed and run injection pumps.

The upside of this solution is the low cost, requiring only a few components. The downsides however are plentiful – each time a valve is actuated a small volume of methane is vented to the atmosphere. Methane has a GHG intensity 25 times greater than CO2 and there are estimated to be 340,000 gas driven pneumatic devices in Alberta alone, creating a substantial environmental impact. Beyond the environmental concerns, gas driven pneumatics systems increase maintenance costs, reduce reliability due to freeze off issues, and create safety issues due to explosion risk.

Furthering the case for change, the Governments of British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan had all set goals to reduce methane emissions from oil and gas operations by 45% by 2025. In late 2018 regulations were introduced in Alberta to phase out gas driven pneumatics. British Columbia followed with announcements in early 2019.

The team at Westgen has developed a low cost remote power generation and air compression skid, called EPOD, capable of burning gas directly from the wellhead in combination with solar to generate power and instrument air to power remote wellsites. The EPOD is designed with the Producer in mind with features such as extended service intervals, remote monitoring capabilities, air metering for carbon credit generation, and a heated enclosure. Commercial units will be available for purchase in October 2019.

To learn more about the Westgen, the EPOD, or for details on coming regulations and what will be required for compliance, please email info@westgentech.com

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