EPOD Energizes The Market

Westgen Technologies’ power generation and air compression package – the EPOD – has been quickly gaining traction at wellsites in Alberta and British Columbia. Westgen has been working with several large Producers to provide a solution to eliminate methane emissions from pneumatic systems and comply with coming regulations.

In a recent case study for one Producer, the EPOD will reduce annual CO2e emissions by 99.5%, while decreasing both the initial capital cost and operational cost of the wellsite

Upcoming methane emissions regulations require changes to current standard wellsite designs. The EPOD provides a cost-effective way to meet these regulations for both greenfield and brownfield applications. Other benefits of EPOD include:

  • Using EPOD to eliminate gas driven pneumatics prevents freeze up issues and production downtime. The EPOD design ensures wellsites have 100% reliability of power and instrument air.
  • EPOD eliminates safety risks that Producers had to previously accept or mitigate – vented gas creating explosive environments, batteries freezing and exploding, and liquids dropping out in TEGs creating fires.

Westgen’s mission is to develop technologies behind responsible energy development by reducing environmental impact and improving efficiencies in design. Westgen’s innovative approach toward remote power generation and air compression provides a solution that reduces cost and environmental impact while increasing reliability. If you want to learn more, please contact sales@westgentech.com.

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