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Compressed Air for Powered Sites

The oil & gas industry faces new compliance challenges to meet methane emission regulations. A significant contributor to these emissions is the venting of pneumatic devices on well pads. To address this, we’ve developed our EPOD CA series, designed to eliminate methane emissions from pneumatic devices while utilizing your existing site power.


EPOD CA Series: Air Only

The EPOD CA Series is designed for well sites with existing power, providing clean and dry instrument air.

Featuring an in-line regenerative desiccant dryer, pre- and post-air filtration, remote monitoring capabilities, and flow-meter tracking, the EPOD CA Series ensures compliance with regulatory reporting and carbon credit needs.

Air Compression: Enjoy up to 20 scfm from duplex air compressors ranging from 5hp to 10hp.

The EPOD CA Series Advantage

Our patented EPOD design is the ideal solution for reducing methane emissions from pneumatic devices on your well sites while utilizing existing power sources. This innovative system provides clean, dry compressed air for your on-grid well site.

The EPOD CA Series seamlessly integrates your site RTU or control panel, ensuring a hassle-free setup process.

Experience unmatched efficiency as we lead the charge in creating a cleaner and more sustainable future for your operations.

Industrial-Grade Components & Modular Construction

Our engineers have selected specific industrial-grade components for the EPOD that deliver outstanding performance and value. Our standardized design and fabrication process eliminates the costs of custom engineering and ensures each EPOD is built to meet your needs.

Simplified User-Interface for Easy Operation

Sophisticated design doesn’t have to be complex. Convrg has spent hundreds of hours to design an interface that allows Field Operators to view critical EPOD data and manage the system onsite or remotely using the web based dashboard.

Insulated and Temperature Controlled

Every EPOD is insulated against the extreme cold of Canadian winters and temperature controlled to ensure critical infrastructure is protected in the harshest environments. Internal temperature is maintained at a set point that is comfortable for an operator. 

Turn Key Carbon Credit Generation

EPOD is designed for turn key carbon credit generation and collects all data necessary to comply with carbon credit protocols.

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