EPOD AP Series

Air & Power Generation

Reliable power and air from 6kW to 35kW with optional Solar Hybrid + UPS Battery array. More cost effective than your current fuel gas pneumatic design.

Convrg Innovations EPOD

EPOD AP Series Delivering Instrument Air & Power

EPOD AP Series is a hybrid solution that seamlessly integrates solar, advanced battery tech, and industrial-grade power generation.  Air Compression: Achieve up to 20 scfm using duplex air compressors ranging from 5hp to 10hp.

Power Generation: Choose from 6kW, 20kW, or 35kW options to meet your energy needs.

Optional Hybrid Technology: Opt for solar panels and advanced UPS battery array to reduce fuel consumption and extend maintenance intervals, further enhancing efficiency and sustainability.

Simple Design. Advanced Engineering.

Explore how each major component works and how EPOD enhances their synergy for optimal performance.

Power generation is the heart of the EPOD and we have chosen the most robust, industrial-grade generator in the market.

Choose from 6kW, 20kW, 35kW, and custom sizes up to 150kW to power all your instrument air and well site needs, including electric or glycol heat trace.

EPOD generators are specifically tuned to run on wellhead gas, natural gas, or propane.

Solar panels provide additional renewable energy to charge the EPOD battery array (UPS) and extend the life and maintenance interval of the gas generator. The EPOD Solar Array offsets the hybrid system engine run time and provides substantial emissions reductions.

Convrg has chosen the most advanced bifacial solar panels available on the market to take advantage of every hour of sunlight. EPOD solar panels are similar in design to the industrial-grade panels found in the newest solar farms in the world.

EPOD’s large battery array enables the generator to turn off and run at peak efficiency to charge batteries only when solar isn’t keeping up with site demand. 

Better batteries reduce the life-time total cost of ownership (TCOE) of the EPOD and provide higher quality, more reliable power.

Convrg “set it and forget it” control system are the brains of every EPOD. You can control the EPOD directly using a local HMI or remotely using your laptop or mobile.

EPOD monitors, records, and reports on all critical data, providing a notification or alarm maintenance reminders and any critical event.

ESG reporting and carbon credit generation is simple and easy with consolidated reporting and data exports to 3rd party systems.


The EPOD Advantage

The patented EPOD AP series design ingeniously combines industry-standard components to achieve exceptional results.

Key advantages include:

A 70% reduction in fuel consumption.
10x longer battery lifespan.
5x longer generator lifespan.
2x greater electrical efficiency than a Stirling engine.

Our hybrid solution maximizes charging power to the UPS battery array during daylight hours with advanced solar panels. The industrial-grade generator operates intermittently, kicking in only when battery power falls below a certain threshold.

Industrial-Grade Components & Modular Construction

Our engineers have selected specific industrial-grade components for the EPOD that deliver outstanding performance and value. Our standardized design and fabrication process eliminates the costs of custom engineering and ensures each EPOD is built to meet your needs.

Simplified User-Interface for Easy Operation

Sophisticated design doesn’t have to be complex. Convrg has spent hundreds of hours to design an interface that allows Field Operators to view critical EPOD data and manage the system onsite or remotely using the web based dashboard.

Insulated and Temperature Controlled

Every EPOD is insulated against the extreme cold of Canadian winters and temperature controlled to ensure critical infrastructure is protected in the harshest environments. Internal temperature is maintained at a set point that is comfortable for an operator. 

Extended Maintenance Cycle up to 12 months

EPODs are designed to run intermittently, running the generator only when solar isn’t keeping up with demand. This allows EPOD to operate virtually untouched for up to a year. Your EPOD will provide alerts and advance notifications both onsite and remotely via web and email when maintenance is required.

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